The first night of our visit to the lake we stay in the town of Panajachel, a unique community where you are awakened at 4 am by the crowing of what sounds like hundreds of roosters! We approach the central boatdock at the beach to begin our crossing of the lake. Since we are not indigenas, it is not likely we will journey by canoe. The most common way for tourists to cross the lake to visit our destination, Santiago Atitlan, is by the boats which run on a semi-regular schedule from the Panachel.

...As you can see, we are definitely tourists!

Arrival in Santiago Atitlan

Arriving in Santiago Atititlan, you are greeted immediately at the dock by many small children, selling small, handmade clay birdwhistles. The competition among the children for your business is intense, and each little one will exert all their charms to get youto buy from them!

To stay here in Santiago Atitlan, click here: Santiago Atitlan and ChiChi
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