Rachel, a sweet Sheltie, was my first baby, who joined me a few years out of college. I had waited until then to get a dog, because I wanted to have a house and property for a dog to run. A few years after, I decided Rachel was lonely, and adopted Cleo, the cutest little long-haired black and white kitten you ever saw. These were my "kids" for the next 10 years, until Rachel died at age 12. At this time, I was just starting the path that led me to the adoption of my daughter, Dasha from Guatemala. I found single motherhood to be enough of a challenge, so I waited until Dasha was three before adding another dog to the family. That addition came in the form of Snowflake-an American Eskimo dog, who has proven to be a match in spirit to my dear daughter. Together, Cleo, Snowflake, Dasha and I make up the "Egan Family"
December 2008-As you may notice in the above photos, we have added a few pets-cats Jane, Adara, and Chenille. We also have a lovebird named pretty and two hamsters. After almost 20 years, our cherished cat, Cleo, finally began to decline and finally had to be put to sleep. We miss her so much!