My earliest memories of Halloween are captured in the photos of the four of us, taken by our front door as we headed out for a night of trick-or-treating. As an adult, I still would "dress up" for Halloween, and once, as a green Christmas Tree, even won a costume contest. But these adult celebrations could not match the joy I feel each Halloween since becoming a mother. For our first Halloween together, I made Dasha a hulu skirt out of a headband and green string. She wore a shirt with a Hawaiian print on top. She did the hula all over daycare! The next year was a bad year for Halloween, in fact it was a bad year for everything! Hence, the sad clown. By her third year, she had begun to get into the Halloween spirit and really liked being Poh, her favorite Telletubbie. At age 4, she was the cutest little witch you ever saw. This year, we are busily working on a "cowgirl" costume.

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