Spotty Doodle's Band

Everybody Sing!

Oh her name is Spotty Doodle, she's the leader of her band
Of all community leaders, she's the finest in the land
She's seen in chats, and messaging, she answers every call
But when she's on the Promo board, oh she's the best of all.

(Hum along briefly here to this very New Age version of this timeless classic!)

Oh, fingers go bang, the shift keys clang, the screens they blaze away.
Stum'bline eats the chockie up, the rest all waste away
Oh, site builder crashes, gotta reboot, the pages are something grand
A credit to o'ivillage is SpottyDoodle's band!

(repeat this verse-then hum a little more!)

adpted by Linda Egan 2001-with apologies to whoever wrote the original!