The mini-globes on this page lead to category pages. When you get there, click on the mini globes to view full-size globes which are free for the taking. A link back is appreciated but not required.
Updated May 9, 2009.
My one and only Mother's Day Globe-also links to a poem I wrote in 2002 for a friend who had lost her Mom to cancer

My earlier globes (cat,dog, early ballet) will look best on a similar background.
I have improved my technique since those early globes and my newer ones look good on any background!
I can make you a custom globe if you email your request to me at Thank you for coming!

Dog Globes
St. Patrick's Day
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Thanksgiving/Fall Globes
Bird Globes

Mother's Day Globe just added: A Mother's Love
Ballet Globes
Christmas Globes
Easter/Springtime Globes
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Valentine's Day
Thank you to Michele for many
of the backgrounds used in this site!

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Mi Hija Dasha

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"Beauty, strength, youth,
are flowers but fading seen;
Duty, faith, love,
are roots, and ever green."
-- George Peele - 1597

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