Dasha's Adoption Story

Referral letter for Dasha

I received the phone call and said "yes" to my referral of Dasha, then received this letter with some pictures a few days later. (My heart said "yes" before my brain had time to think!)

Dasha's Foster Family in Guatemala

This is the only picture I have with no real details. They took WONDERFUL care of her! It was obvious she had received lots of love and attention and I will always be grateful to them.

Dasha's Passport

We had to get this photo taken in Guatemala City before going to the embassy. They just held her up in front of a curtain and snapped the picture.

Dasha (future "Spirited Child") at the Radisson in Guatemala City on April 9th 1996

I took this photo on our first day together after things were finalized at the embassy. She was cruising the furniture in the room and having a great time. She slept thru the night on our first night together. By the way, it was a VERY nice hotel.

Shortly after coming home, Dasha was baptized in the church I grew up in, by our cousin, pastor Father Koenigsknecht! Dasha was the noisiest baby there-but definitely the most entertaining. We had a "shower" and reception following the ceremony at "Pretzel Bell" in East Lansing, which was attended by our friends and family.

On March 1, 1997, Dasha became a citizen of the United States!

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