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Feb 2001
My new picture

I drew this with Pappy on the Learning Channel. Its on in the morning before scool-Mama is so happy that I can sit still and follow along with him for a half hour. She loves this show!

My new little sister-my birthday present from my friend Lauren. Boy is she ever noisy-and she likes to much attention-I just put her to bed!

August 12, 2000

Here is a picture of my house and my yard. Do you like my house? The flower is happy too!

July 23,2000

I drew this for my Mama-it is a Mama apple with a baby apple inside her belly waiting to be born. There is also a worm.

and here's all my old stuff, I drew when I was just little...

Mama and me

Well this is supposed to be my page, but since I can't use the computer very well yet...my mama took over for awhile. lets humor her OK?

Moments That Make Me (Mama) Smile "

Watching my daughter pack to go somewhere..be it a purse or a suitcase, it’s always fun to see what she considers essential to bring (always crayons, paper, pen, beanie baby, stickers, hair do-dads, etc,etc.) ... Listening to Dasha talk to another 4 year old on the phone. ... Watching any group of preschoolers in a group class-nothing cuter than a bunch of 3 to 5 year olds in swimsuits or dance clothes! ... Receiving a handmade anything!... Taking a shower together-I smile, she cries.... Listening to her sing herself to sleep... ... Getting a little pat on my back when I carry her to the bathroom during the night. ...Watching her play with her babydolls. ... Having her surprise me by “cleaning up” the house-it is so interesting to see where she puts things (when I find them ,that is!) ... Dancing together-especially the polka-she never stops smiling and neither do I! ...Thanks Mama..I'll take over now, OK?...I love you!

Me when I was 3 years old

When I was four I drew this picture of me (I wrote the word ice-its the first word I say I could read (and write) but Mama thinks my first word was LOVE

Another recent Self Portrait-note I put in the number 4 and a few other letters I know!

...and of course, there are my Family pictures

My Family-drawn when I was 3

Some of my family when I was 3 1/2 (Snowflake is in the right upper corner)

..and I won't keep you waiting.. the rest of the family!(Mama)

Mothers Day always makes my mom smile (and cry????)

Mama cut this out of the paper-it was the first thing i "entered", whatever that means!

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